jeudi, mars 13, 2008

Venise !

J'avais decide de faire une petite surprise a ma maman... le recit est en anglais facile :)

"All started on saturday morning in Barcelona... i told my mother... OK surprise, PACK your suitcase for... 3 days !!
She said wooooooow OKI (very fast to comply in this case, a bit like you and chocolate ;) )
She packed, she tried to guess... Malaga ? noooo Gibraltar ? nooooooooooo
Dorothee called... NOT YET cannot say anything
My mother said... ok I see everybody knows about the surprise except meeeeeee :) does Pat knows about it???? yessssssss
I told her... take a pullover... she was disoriented.. could not think of any destination !!! (she thought Madrid but noooooo)

Gael proposed to bring us at the airport, as we had little time, we came and we went to have a cafe on the port... at the same moment my dad called !!!!!
My mother could think it was a surprise croisiere (my father would provide the boat and came to barcelona ;) !!!!!!!
but nooooooooooo she did not believe in it
so we went to the port and then went back to the apartment to take luggages and car

We arrived at the airport... she still cannot figure out... then she saw Vueling... VENIZIA.... and bang she jumped all over, she was so happy (see photos)
then we arrived in venise, perfect we asked people for direction very friendly very ok, then we went to the bed and breakfast... it was the PIANO SUITE
eheheh mega big room... very quiet (venise is very quiet) and then we went to the restaurant to eat a ... PIZZA absolutely the best pizza I ever eat
very yummy :)
then we went to sleep, i played piano before and sweet dreaaaaaams
the days after we visited Venise (plaza san marco, basilic, bridges, doges palace, gughenam museum, jewish ghetto, did some gondola see photo, went through the grand canale in vaporetto, etc
Very nice city, very surprising, very neat, very subtile, simply impressive with all this water around !!!

We bought small souvenirs and we were happy, Venise does not look at all like any other city we visited"