mercredi, septembre 25, 2002

Transfer Emails from Outlook to entourage - Solution

How to transfer files from MS Outlook XP to Entourage in seven

I was able to transfer 1000's of messages and 100's of folders with
this method.

I retreive all emails + attachments.

From Windows (Windows, Outlook XP, Mozilla, Smart Rename)
1. Download and Install Mozilla (tested with v 1.0, with Mozilla Mail included
2. In Mozilla Mail: Tools / Import / Mail / Outlook
3. Find on C:\ files in Application Data/Mozilla/Profiles/*.* (include
Inbox.msf) (Include the profile in Mozilla Mail)
4. Delete *.msf files (used only for Mozilla mail)
5. Rename whateverfile in whateverfile.mbox and this for every files
(ie: Inbox become Inbox.mbox)
Tips: You can use Smart Rename (freeware)
use Delete/Add / Add Extension to files / * to .mbox
6. Copy those files in a shared folders that a mac can see.

From Mac (OS X 10.2 Jaguar, Entourage X)
7. Drag and drop the whateverfile.mbox in entourage and you retreive
all emails + folders + attachment.
Tips: I strongly recommend you to create folders in entourage as they
are in your outlook and drag and drop every .mbox files separatly in


Outlook to Mozilla Mail and then to Entourage
This works perfectly and this post is adapted from those websites.

Other "Solutions"

From MS:
does not work at all...

Outlook to Eudora and then to Entourage
does not work for me... maybe too much E-mail

From "Use the source"
It works, few error because of the number of emails

From Paul B., IMAP Solution, ok for few emails
Too many emails, I couldn't use the IMAP solution

Hope this helps.

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