mardi, décembre 23, 2008

Cat's Happiness

Here is what I would describe as the happiness for a cat:

05h00: Do as much noise as possible and as a consequence, someone to get up and feed with delicate food
05h15: Eat as fast as possible and then go back to sleep
11h00: Wake up and do some "activities" (walk no more than 15 meters)
11h20: Sleep + cleaning
15h35: Go to Pee + sleep
16h45: Wake up and walk to find a better place to sleep
18h30: Find Someone to feed you with better thing than the morning if possible
18h45: Massive Pooh + some cleaning
19h00: Go on someone knees and do a big hug
2300h: Go to sleep for all night + snoring

Amazing, no ?

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