mardi, septembre 18, 2007

Poursuivre Dieu en justice

Bon, je vous l'accorde, le titre anglais est plus sexy: "Suing God"

Un extrait : "Imagine how interesting that would be. First, how do you select a jury of God’s peers? Compared to the Almighty, even Buddha is just a guy who should use the stairs more often. The entire jury would end up being doctors who sometimes play God, and arborists, who can, sort of, make a tree, if they have acorns. That’s the best you can do."


"What happens when you call God to the stand? Does he have to take an oath and promise to tell the truth “so help me me”? I don’t see how that could be anything but awkward."

Hillarant, en anglais et ecrit par le createur de Dilbert Je veux en savoir plus !

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