dimanche, mars 15, 2009

A 5cm du hole-in-one

Cette photo est le résultat d'une de mes approches sur un par 3, a 140 yards... La balle est a 5 cm du hole-in-one !!!!

Today @ Unico, Bangkok :

Jb: 100 et 94 (oui on a fait 36 trous !!!)
Moi: 98 et 96

On a fait chacun 3 birdies :)

Mise a jour : Un amis anglais me demande ce qu'est le cercle autour du trou, voici ce que je lui ai repondu...

"I see that you are shocked by the line... this is a catastrophe from Asian Golf clubs

They draw a line around the hole so that if the ball is inside the circle... you do not need to play the ball !!

It makes the game to be faster and they can put more players on the course !!
There is also a rule called "call-hole"... for Par 3s, if you are on the green and the group before you is ready to go then they say "call-hole" and you have to mark your balls and let them play...

These 2 things of course destroy the spirit of golf unfortunately"

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