lundi, mars 23, 2009

Seulement 20% des joueurs de Golf jouent moins que Bogey game dans le monde

Je cite...

"This is the world golf statistics page where the figures have been estimated using the actual statistics from Germany. I have tried to do a better research of this area but the individual golfing bodies are very vague with their figures.
I only have access to the German statistics because I am a member of their golf union. My wish is that all of the countries join together and create interactive statistics that everyone could access.

As there are approximately 50 million golfers worldwide, by multipling these figures by 100, you can estimate the world statistics. For example, these figures indicate that there are 31 million male and 19 million female golfers.
If you look at the far right hand column, you will see that if you have a handicap of 26.4 or better you are in the top third of all golfers.
The graph gives a quick reference detailing all sorts of statistics. For example, it indicates that less than 3% of all golfers have a single figure handicap of which about 10%, of that 3%, are female."

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